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tv   Mad Money  NBC  November 7, 2015 3:00am-4:00am CST

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friends, i'm just trying to save you money. my job not just to entertain but to teach you. call me or tweet me. it's finally happening. we're getting some honest to betsy job growth! 271,000 people got jobs in the month of october, an incredibly strong number. the unemployment rate is down to 5%. that's fantastic for the american people! but it's a mixed blessing for stock portfolio. dow up 47 points. s&p falling .03%. nasdaq advancing .38%. we need to delve into the counterintuitive world where the good news is considered bad news for stocks because now the federal reserve will feel compelled to raise rates. for the moment, let's be grateful jobs are easier to come by and the american worker is being compensated better which may be regarded short term as a negative for stocks but long term the economy can get off life support. who are we to say that life
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growth for the u.s. economy? higher rates are always going to be worse for the economy and the stock market than lower rates. but a country with real job creation is one that can support itself and doesn't need the fed to keep propping things up. that real growth and not a steroidal pumpup is more sustainable, lasting and will be more lucrative. emphasis on ultimately, though, than we've had over the last few years. you have to believe me on this. this is what i study. it doesn't mean we won't have to make adjustments if we own individual stocks but it means a locomotive of economic development can pull up a lot of companies even if china or europe or latin america can't. are we strong enough for a rate hike? yes, as long as you understand that we mean some companies and not others. so with that in mind let's go to the game plan for next week to demonstrate how this positive news plays out in the real world of the stock market. some of it's good. some is bad. first up on monday is priceline. here's a company with so much
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growth it can trump the whole good news in the economy is bad news for stocks theme. we'll have to deal with the rotation out of the stocks for companies that need a weak dollar to prosper but priceline won't be stopped by the fed's rate hikes. we saw this play out with rallies with skyworks. two semiconductors at the hard of the internet of things including cell phones, both of which reported good numbers yet people have been shorting stocks. same goes for disney and monster beverage, again there were big short sellers. disney made it clear its fortunes aren't hostage to slings and arrows of basic cable. monster blue away the numbers. priceline and its doppelganger expedia plays in the fast growing internet travel space. that's not the only reason i like it. priceline has a history of reporting positive earnings and giving you an outright down beat outlook in the press release. each time its conservatism fools traders and they bang the stock
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down without realizing that's the way priceline rolls. buy into that weakness if it happens on monday morning. remember higher rates do slow industries with house being the most directly hit. mid-price home bill, hortons and when it reports on tuesday i bet it says things are okay and we'll get slower. these stocks, the houses are rolling over. i'd be a seller of the stock before the quarter because of what i think will be a down beat narrative. tuesday also brings big deals that are going to impact the stocks in a major way, perhaps as much as earnings would. first is cummins. this engine maker has been trying to get its cost structure down in line with the manufacturing slowdown engineered by the strong dollar, our trade competitors and a weaker industrial china. the stock has a nice trampoline but not enough to keep me interested. i want to hear how sales can be turned around. cummins has a balance sheet, it makes fantastic products, buys back a lot of stock but that's
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me. brunswick, one of our favorite companies having confab, too. the stock is hovering around a 52-week high. if you aren't in brunswick yet i think you have to wait. we've been championing this stock forever and it's been a big win. then there's the gigantic analyst meeting that everyone's been waiting for, mcdonald's. the restaurant stocks have been hammered because of higher labor costs and they've been in a roaring bear market for months now, except for mcdonald's and that's because the ceo is turning this huge battleship around as if it were a cigarette boat. i'm so impressed with this guy. i think the stock, which has been a performer already, can go higher still as eastebrook talks about the important meeting. he's a cool guy. he's a britt. we hear from macy's on wednesday and i'm concerned the company has a powerful enemy and that enemy is unseeing, all knowing. it's the weather. when people are walking a around
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not good for retail. macy's will stay that and the good news is the stock has been hammered. down 25% for the year. bad news is, if the estimates are too high because of the warm weather, you'll buy the stock at macy's lower. an activist starboard is circling here. that drove the stock up to 72. and they want to monetize the vast real estate holdings that macy's has, however there's a problem here. the stores are in those retail holdings. the company seems opposed to bring out that value. retail is so rough here and not just because of the weather. amazon is taking tons of share from everyone. did you hanes number today? they sell a lot of product to amazon. amazon doesn't let you make as much money as the store does. macy's has pizazz, it can a destination, especially in new york city. so it's not overwhelmed totally but another retailer, kohl's reports thursday.
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about kohl's, also on november 11 we have a very happy birthday wish for "mad money's" head writer and my genius nephew cliff mason. [ applause ] happy birthday, cliff. unseen, unheard, but the reason why i say these things is because he's in my ifb, i have this thing in my ear, he's telling me everything. you just can't see the ifb. how do you like that? now, kohl's, i don't know if this one can rally even though it that has 4% yield. the saving grace, kohl's is down huge. it's off nearly 25%. i got these at kohl's. not the shoes, the stocks, for heaven's sake. i got the shoe's at macy's. the decline should immunize against the number cut but i don't see a reason to buy it. bot kohl's and macy's, the place i got the shoes and socks, i'll stay away. you know what they need is a
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[ rim shot ] i mentioned earlier disney roared a stellar number last night and i made it clear that viewing this company as a cable casualty is stupid, especially on the eve of "star wars." some of us will have to go twice because we flunked the first time. viacom reports thursday and that company is the most vulnerable to cord cutting or facebook playing than any company out there. not only do i want you to avoid via, i'll go further. wait until viacom's earnings until you can get on collateral damage weakness of disney. after the close we get results from nordstrom, this is the best of the broad line retailers and it's down 11% for the year which is unusual for the stock to be down at all because it's an amazing company. however, i'm not drawn to it unless it gets laid to waste in the wake of numbers from macy's and kohls. then we hear from cisco. i can't believe the stock sells at 12 times earnings. chuck robbins has been taking no
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prisoners and making alliances that seem smart to me. my charitable trust owns it. the stock seems stalled here. finally we get to the end of the retail charnel house. the new ceo has his work cut out for him. i wish i could recommend j.c. penney at a juicy $8 stock but it's the same as j.c. penney's as any other retailer. bottom line, many stocks will be dinged by rate hikes but all is not lost, it will just be harder to find the stocks that will work. we'll still be fighting the fed and the fed can be a powerful enemy. it's too aggressive against the real turn in the economy that it last seems at hand. trevor in florida, trevor.
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>> hey, jim. my question is regarding etsy. after posting a third quarter loss, do you see that as a buying opportunity? >> okay, there are two major companies that are located in brooklyn, bar san miguel, which i'll be hosting tonight, and etsy. i have to tell you, only one of them is investable and it ain't etsy. i don't like that business and amazon is coming in there. if amazon went into small plate mexican food i'd close bar san miguel. george in florida. george? >> caller: love your show, never miss it. i want to ask you about boeing. i dumped out of boeing a couple of weeks ago when the ceo of delta said there will be a glut of wide body aircraft and now i hear today that boeing lost the bid for america's next generation of bombers to replace the b-52. so is now the time to get in or get out? >> it's interesting you say that. my charitable trust says we bought lockheed martin. why? because jane wells had a good
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piece saying lockheed martin and boeing are going to challenge northrop grumman. most challenges fail but i think the stocks have come down because they didn't win the contract. don't forget boeing you have to buy the planes in dollars so it doesn't have that weak dollar thing. it doesn't have the conundrum bothering so many stocks. jerry in new york. jerry? >> caller: hi, jim, jerry in new york. i'm calling for whitestone, queens and i have an investment in a company that specializes in wireless communication and it's up about 15% today and the ceo has said that he has two inventions that he will reveal next year that will revolutionize this particular industry. the name of the stock is ubiquiti networks. what do you think? >> i don't know. revolutionize -- look, the company is a good company and it's in a sweet spot. a-net reported a good number today, too.
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here in a sweet spot of spending there. if he does have something that will revolutionize the industry, that's better. i will regard it as icing on the cake. get ready for this market to get weird as many bear and many bull markets emerge from the land of rising rates and a thousand dances. we'll look over next week's game plan. all is not lost on "mad money," two present ways to play the beaten down oil stocks. then after today's unemployment number, which sectors could see a rally? i'll reveal it. plus the search for the semiconductor market with news of a $10 billion acquisition. is it money well spent? i have the ceo. so stick with cramer!
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release medicine lasts for 12 hours. in fact, delsym lasts three times longer than the leading cough liquid. for all day or all night relief, try delsym -the #1 doctor recommended 12 hour cough liquid. this has been medifacts for delsym . now that we've made our way through most of earnings season, the price of oil seems to have
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stabilized in the mid-40s even as it took a beating today. i think it might be worth doing figuring about which oil companies are best able to navigate their way through the commodities collapse. which ones succeeded and which failed? even though the oil stocks rebounded nicely from their late august lows, they're still down dramatically. the xle off more than 30% from its peak in june of 2014. however when you look closely you can see there's a clear bifurcation between the traditional integrated oil giants like exxon or chevron and the oils that split themselves in recent years spinning off the retail and refining operations. think conocophillips which spun off its refining business of phillips 66 or main on this oil. back when the price of crude was sky high and everyone thought it would stay that way there was a lust for these breakups. companies themselves invest and
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clamoring that the big integrated oil should break themselves up a la marathon and conoco to unlock the value of their production asset which is were profitable. but then oil prices started falling off a cliff and breaking off not that great a strategy. take exxon and chevron versus marathon and conoco. when you examine these four companies, it's obvious exxonmobil and chevron made the right choice. because conocophillips has seen its stock be obliterated without what are known as downstream assets, boring refining and marketing assets to offset the weakness in oil. whereas exxon and chevron have held up much better. the breakup plan in the oil patch started in 2011. in the good old days oil was selling for close to $100 a barrel. in early 2011, marathon oil decided to spin off its refining, marketing and pipeline business which is at the time
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company back because the real growth was happening in exploration and production. so they spun off marathon petroleum in june of 2011. it was applauded. thereafter in 2012, conocophillips decided to the same thing. spinning off from phillips 66. when this move was made it was viewed as a way to monetize, lower margin refining and marketing business so conoco could pour that cash back into the exploration and production side of the business which in 2012 was pretty money with oil trading at $100 a barrel. after marathon and conocophillips announced their respect i breakups, there was speculation that maybe exxon and chevron would follow. proponents argued the companies e & p assets were undervalued because they were mixed up with the lower margin lower growth downstream business and to be fair the logic behind these breakups seemed compelling when oil prices were sky high. oil producers were making money, refineries benefit when oil goes lower because it's their main
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input costs. but the price of oil didn't stay high. it started to collapse in june of 2014 and that turned the whole oil world upside down. so how have these stocks fared since then? the integrated oil companies versus the ones that broke themselves up? exxon and chevron, the integrators that kept themselves together, they've falling 16% and 28% representatively from june 2014. how about marathon and conoco? well, marathon oil and conocophillips, the exploration and production companies, they were supposed to unlock so much value? they've been annihilated. down 54% and 35% over the same time period. of course, the refining businesses that they spun off have performed much better since refiners are the only ones coining money. marathon paid up to 42%. phillips 66 up 15% since the price of oil peaked last year. at one point chevron was down as much as marathon oil in late august when investors worried about company dividends. but since the bottom, chevron has bounced back much better than marathon because they held dividends steady.
3:19 am
have been hammered, the fact is, by breaking themselves up, these companies made themselves much more vulnerable to lower oil price which is highlights the risk of the dividend cut. exxon, chevron, marathon oil and conoco had been prized for their low yields. but how safe were those dividends? we measure this by looking at the coverage ratio which shows whether or not a company has enough earnings to cover its payout. when it comes to marathon and conoco, both companies had negative coverage ratios. marathon's particularly ugly negative 22 and that's after the company already slashed its dividend from 21 cents to a meager five cents. chevron has coverage ratio of one meaning they can pay their dividend with their earnings. exxon is 1.4 which means they can pay the dividend and have money to spare. in the end, was it worth it for marathon and conoco to break themselves up? since marathon's breakup in 2011 if you own marathon and the stock of the spinout, you've only made 1%.
3:20 am
chevron and exxon up 8% and 17.5%. so the broken up pieces of marathon oil have underperformed chevron and exxon. however when you do the math for conoco's breakup, it's interesting. you get a different result. if you owned conoco before the breakup in 2012, when you add up the performance of conoco and phillips 66 you're up 65% including dividends which means the sum of the parts dramatically outperform its big integrated oils despite the collapse in the price of crude. this is thanks to the tremendous run in phillips 66 which more than tripled since the spinoff. in the case of conocophillips there was a ton of value created by the breakup as long as you continue to hold on to the stuff people weren't supposed to like. phillips 66 and that part of conoco, let's say everything else is -- of course, that's the act opposite of what people expected when this corporate divorce was planned. they thought that boring refining business because the loser but it turned out to be the leader. ironic. here's the bottom line, i would much rather own the stock of a big entry grated oil like exxon or chevron than the broken up marathon or conoco. the big integrated business
3:21 am
model may seem unwieldy when times are good, but when times get tough, the integrateds like exxon and chevron hold up best and spinning off their downstream divisions as put marathon oil and conocophillips in a very difficult spot. exxon and chevron are well off their lows, but if oil goes back down, you know which ones i want you buy. much more "mad money" ahead. with the unemployment rate at 5%, could the fed make this a december to remember? find out what to expect. lam research is up more than 17% since last month. could the company roar on wall street? great news, if the dog ate your home work, i did it for you and it could make you money so stick with cramer. is good news really bad mucinex fast max. it's the same difference. these are multi-symptom. well so are these. this one is max strength and fights mucus. that one doesn't. uh...think fast!
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is good news really bad news? do we really have to sell stocks because we finally got a bountiful employment report? 271,000 people being hired in the month of october with a jobless rate of 5%, a seven-year low? hallelujah no, but there will be a rotation in the market that started today and that will make those unfamiliar with the profession of money management feel very uncomfortable about owning certain stocks even as there are plenty of opportunities to make
3:25 am
first of all, explanation, the fed has to raise rates. it has to because of the reasons it's been over and gone. we've been waiting for a strong employment report that shows wage growth and we got it. we've been waiting for foreign turmoil to stop and that happened. china's stock market in bull market mode, up more than 20%. europe is on the mend according to every ceo we interview with even spain and italy having a pulse. oh, man. no. only south america's horrible and our economy is strong enough to brush that one off. some industries do need low rates to prosper give than i think the first rate hike will inspire talk of more rate hikes, even if the fed issues one of those one and done statements you'll see housing cool down after an initial burst of buying by people who fear higher mortgage rates on the way. we also know every time we get a whiff of higher rates, the dollar gets super freaking strong like it has in the last couple days. we know a powerful dollar really crushes the earnings of our international companies, whether they're behemoths or manufacturers.
3:26 am
we know these companies stocks have been screaming because few people bet that we would have such a bountiful employment report. that means the big money is caught out of position for higher rates having bit up stocks that benefited from lower rates and weaker dollars. those names will come in for profit taking. that started today. but the banks, oh, the banks, they've doning in for years relative to the rest of the market. they've been languishing under the pretext of intense revelation and low rates. now banks are making more money of your deposits, the rate environment has gotten more benign, the big fines are winding down. in short, it's the banks' turn to rally. the biggest winners will be the ones with the biggest deposit bases, wells fargo and bank of america all which screamed higher today along with morgan stanley and goldman sachs. these stocks have moved nicely from where they're reported but they're way behind the market. if you don't own one, i know they're up today, i won't tell you to chase it but we'll get a selloff. the one that's most levered to higher rates?
3:27 am
it's part of my charitable trust chronicled by the newsletter i wanted to buy more and we didn't get a chance. i didn't think this was going to happen so quickly. at the same time the group that's penalized the most? health care. unlike the banks underowned going into today's job report, health care stocks are overowned. institutions have too much of them relative to banks. ironically, they're the ones with the most onerous headlines because it's an election year and a couple bad actors who created a health care pinata that all candidates have a chance to whack at, the market has crushed the utilities and the real estate investment trust today and i have to tell you, this was just day one of their selloff. so the good news is for those with an index fund like the s&p 500, you may not feel this because the financials could cancel out the down side of health care, the stocks have the highest growth companies, stocks like fang, facebook, amazon, netflix and google they can do well after initial percent of profit taking. their growth can trump the
3:28 am
strong currency. but there aren't enough international companies hurt by a rising dollar. you have to expect more volatility until we see the whites of the actual rate hike. where the market may not even sell off if these stocks have declined ahead of time. yeah, are they going to be baked even? even though the chatter about the next hike begins immediately. here's my bottom line. the big boards will be buying banks and selling health care stocks as well as consumer packaged good stocks, utilities, real estate investment trusts not just today but over the next few weeks until they're washed out and ready for a rate hike. you have to adjust accordingly or you can always accept the consequences of the brutal rotation, hold them but recognize that it just has begun to occur. this is day one of the selloff in that group. richard in virginia. richard? >> caller: booyah, cramer! >> whoa, man, you come fired up to play! what's up? >> caller: how you doing, buddy? >> i'm doing all right. i have a long week, frankly.
3:29 am
you. i'd like to thank you for everything you do. my father howie and i really enjoy watching your show and my question is about life point. lpnt. >> yeah, lifepoint. we've been looking at lifepoint. you know, this is kind of the stock that's the kind of thing i'm talking about right now. i don't know whether this one does well in an environment where suddenly everybody wants to be in more industrial stocks. it did do well today but i don't think that this is where you want to be going into this rotation that's going to last a couple of weeks. i would hold off. it was the jobs report heard round the world. and while it's always terrific see employment improve, it means the big money managers on wall street will begin to move huge sums around because they're anticipating a rise in rates and that could lead to increased volatility for some time to come
3:30 am
but it means bank stocks go higher. lam research recently joined the acquisition to be in the semiconductor space. i'm sitting down with the ceo to hear what's next for the company. then my response to the cramericans out there who forced know do extra home work. and a friday edition of the lightning round. will my stage manager kyle make an appearance? i hope he's dressed better by the time it happens.
3:31 am
stick with cramer!
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back on october 21 we learned that lam research is buying competitor kla tencor for $10.6 billion in cash and stock. it looks like a terrific deal. this transaction will create a company with greater breadth. this should produce $250 million in annualized cost savings, best of all, it's expected to be added to the company's earnings and free catch flow. no wonder lam stock has rallied under 10% since announcement. but it helps the company reported strong quarterly updates and it wouldn't be surprising to me if this stock has more room to run. let's check in with martin anstice, the president of lam but it helps the company reported strong quarterly updates and it wouldn't be surprising to me if this stock has more room to run. let's check in with martin anstice, the president of lam research and find out about the deal. mr. anstice, welcome back to "mad money." >> thank you for inviting me to be on your show today.
3:33 am
>> there was a transaction that occurred that was aborted and that's the tokyo electronic customers didn't like it. when i look at lam coming up with kla i think it's what customers want and i don't expect antitrust issues. am i right. zero product overlap between lam research and kla tencor and one of the most fundamental tests is product overlap. as i've said many, many times our approach to non-organic as well as organic investments is to preserve the substance of competitiveness and create situations where we can innovate better and more for the success of our customersnd i think i spent a lot of time in the last four to five years dialoguing with customers to better understand their critical needs and i've had an opportunity in the last ten days to visit with most of our key customers around the world so far i'm very
3:34 am
pleased with the response from them and also pleased with the response from employees. i've been in front of about 6,000 employees of the combined companies since announcements and i think there's a lot of excitement about the opportunities for us to make an impact here. >> now, when you speak to those employees, i'm curious. you got some pretty aggressive synergies that can go on. are people worried that they will not be necessary in the combined institutions? >> you know, i think you can position a combination of this nature in one of two ways, you can define a vision focused on eliminating costs and tax or financial reengineering and that is not our story. or story is a growth trajectory. we have a wonderful platform with lam research, technology inflections outperformance of the last several years and this will run for a number of years ahead of souse we're building upon that platform of growth, creating a situation where the combination of two companies creates growth opportunities, the new vehicles for delivering value to our customers over time that were not available to the
3:35 am
and so that's the reason why i think for most people this is a story of optimism and opportunity and as we demonstrate it i think we know how to bring the companies together that is a foundational strength of operational excellence, not just in our company but also in kla-tencor and we have a great platform. so excited about that opportunity. >> some of these companies get cheer when they talk about cutting back on capital expenditures. but is it possible for them to cut back for too long? >> well, i think one of the things that's transitioned through a consolidation not just in our industry but also in our customers' industry and this scale of technical and economic challenges is a statement on discipline. there's a tremendous discipline today associated with capitalist spending environments and that leads to less cyclicality and more predictability in results and one of the strengths that
3:36 am
play out here between kla tencor. >> one of the things di didn't know, when you're a stand alone like lam you're not privy to the testing measurement stuff from the other guys. and yet i would think that the customers would like you to know how that's going so you can switch your line to get faster yields for people. >> there's a lot of complexity relative to the exchange of information in our industry and at the end of the day i think every one of us is invested in protecting confidential information and invested in creating situations where collaboration can create enhanced value and one of the platforms of lam research is a platform of customer trust. most importance objective is to be number one in customer trust
3:37 am
in our industry and we pursue that each and everyday and that creates situations where the exchange of information allows us to enhance our ability to deliver enabling technology and also trust productivity on time to our customers. >> in the time remaining for people not familiar with the semiconductor business. i'm wearing an apple watch. people keep saying how can they shrink things, shrink things, shrink things? the reason why is because of what you make. it's not necessarily what intel produces or what a customer produces but because of your calibrations. that's why things get smaller but have more brain power. >> no question. we here in this thing together and the equipment industry and lam research is an enabler of the technology road maps that you've just described. we do that in partnership with key customers around the world. we can't do this without them and they can't do that this without us and it's that collaboration that creates the continuity of performance and cost scaling generally that i
3:38 am
think is a tremendous opportunity in the years to come and you look at road maps and cloud and mobility generally, you look at wearables and automotive, there's really interesting demand drivers slowing up for this industry. ultimately that translates itself into leading demand for ics and also silicon wafer which is in turn leads to our marketplace and the opportunity we have to contribute to so i think this is the right deal at the right time for our industry. >> you've made a ton of money for our viewers who own novellus martin anstice, thank you. >> thank you, sir.
3:39 am
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it's time! time for the lightning round. are you ready? time for the lightning round. sally in california. sally? >> caller: hi, jim, a big booyah to you from beautiful california. >> man, i wish i were there. what's going on? >> caller: what can you tell me about pfizer? >> pfizer is the wrong stock because the fed is about to pull the trigger on higher rates. $31 new price target although i like the company longer term but only if it buys allergan. now dave in minnesota. dave? >> caller: booyah from lake minnetonka. >> that's what i was thinking.
3:41 am
what's up? >> ltis -- >> no, man! were you in that conference call? that was a conference call from hades, it was terrible. [ boos ] mark in wisconsin? mark? >> caller: jim, i've gotten a lp ticker symbol rrms. name of the company is rose rock midstream -- >> no, these big streamers right now, we're not going to own them. we will just get out of midstreams for now. they had their day we'll revisit them lower when we start seeing the real cracks occurring in the oil and gas pipeline business. people in virginia. pete? >> caller: yeah, this is pete in virginia. my stock is is philip morris international, pm. >> they crushed. it's part of the great rotation out of soft goods, consumer packaged goods stocks in into the banks and i've got to tell you, sir, it's not over. i think sell is prudent.
3:42 am
nick? >> caller: booyah, mr. cramer. >> what's shaking? >> caller: this is nick from ohio, the city of the football hall of fame. my question is should i buy more, hold, or sell himax. >> no, that's way to one-product oriented and i've seen that stock have days that takes your breath away. stay away. one more. jay in california. jay? >> caller: booyah, jim. my question is about pharmaceutical symbol anac. >> no, ana cor. i don't know how it's doing so i have to come back. i can't just tell you it's okay. let's go to danny in new york. danny? >> caller: hey, jim. booyah.
3:43 am
>> no, way too risky. we like nordic america, that's the one we like because we see china buying more oil. that's our plan. that's why we like nordic. it's doing very well. that, ladies and gentlemen, is
3:44 am
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wherever you ask me about a stock i don't know you have no give you an answer i do home work and then i get back to you because, of course, this is the most interactive show on television so let's get to work. back on october 7, dee dee in nebraska called about biotelemetry. research. this is intriguing, biotelemetry is a tiny speculative company
3:48 am
cardiac monitoring platform that provides beat-by-beat analysis of your heart 24 hours a day and sends the data to your doctor and let i don't say monitor it yourself on a mobile app. this technology is not cheap and biotelemetry has been on a roll. it's earning by leaps and bounds. it's up 153% in the latest. i don't know, too risky for me. the reason? sure, biotelemetry has exciting technology in rapidly growing telehealth space but this company is heavily levered to medicare reimbursement rate which is means at any moment washington could take a hatchet to their numbers. plus if any other company, with working with similar technology, nothing is more damaging to profits than competition. you may be less risk averse than i am but let me tell you, if you own that stock, it might be a good idea to buy their product, too, just in case something goes
3:49 am
heart attack. [ rim shot ] look, it's home work, i have to jazz it up a little. that same day, larry in washington asked about farrell gas partners and i said i'd get back to him. it's a master limited partnership, boy those have been horrible. [ boos ] it's mainly the nationwide distributor of propane, although in recent years they've been making acquisitions to diversify away from propane. propane has been in the doghouse like you wouldn't believe i always view a high yield as yes, indeed, a red flag. but so far the company's managed to generate enough cash to cover its distribution. my view? i think farrell gas has been punished by the group think that slammed all of the mass limited partnerships but it's held up better than most of this dog group. stocks down 9%. gigantic yield very tempting but i find it difficult to recommend a propane company when it's 70 degrees outside in the first week of november. you tend not to have to do a lot
3:50 am
of heating. i ran the air conditioner last night. can you believe i came home from a charity benefit and put the air conditioner on? dave in connecticut asked me about neo-genomics and i said i wanted to do more digging before offering an opinion. neo-genomics is a tiny company. it specializes in cancer-focused genetic diagnostic testing. at the end of october, they acquired clarion which was general electric's cancer diagnose notistic unit for $300 billion. clarion gives them a nice clinical trial support division plus neo will have more heft. it will get a seed on the board of directors, i like that. and while their sales and earnings seem anemic, general electric seems pumped about their stake in the business especially since the clarion deal is expected to double the company's sales. now when the deal happened it
3:51 am
popped 20% in a single day. since then it's -- it won't quit, it's up 95% year to date. where do i come down on this neo-genomics if it gets slammed on a market wide pullback, this is one i would be a buyer, neo gets my blessing but for speculation only. finally on october 29 roger in california asked me about one that really kind of eluded me. american addiction centers, aac. i said i'd get back to him. aac runs a chain of drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers and we know anything related to substance abuse in this country is sadly a growth industry. when it comes to treating addiction, the business is highly fragmented. the space is just 1.4% market shire there's a lot of greenfield. aac's goal is to be a consolidator and become the first recognized brand in quality addiction treatment services. the company made acquisitions
3:52 am
and they're expanding rapidly. however if you look at their chart you'll see something curious. you'll notice the stock ran up nicely to the end of july then it plunged from $38 to $19 in a matter of days. the reason? we got a flurry of news reports alleging several undisclosed deaths of patients at aac treatment centers and the state of california has indicted some of the company's subsidiaries not to mention its former president. that said, aac's current management has been adamant about denying the claims. we don't know how things will work out so until we get some resolution here, i say stay the heck away from aac. and that's my home work for the week. so why don't you stick with cramer!ow there's a product that lasts for twelve hours? try delsym twelve hour cough liquid. its advanced formula works by immediately releasing powerful medicine that acts fast while its extended
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get this, a punked up stockbroker flexes his muscle
3:55 am
worldwide scam. see how he's overpowered in the season finale of "american greed" 10:00 p.m. eastern and pacific on cnbc. take the two disney conference call, the one from last quarter and this, match them side by side, parse it. you will see disney is more than a couple cable guys who are cutting the cord. it's a great narrative and bob iger got it right. that stock is not doneoing higher. i like this. i'd like that say there's always a bull market somewhere, i'll find it just for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer and i will see you monday! ugh, a tack. it just said a tack. [howl] announcer: do you like a good scare? [scream] then bring your flashlight. i hate going first. announcer: and don't look back, because it's fright night. [scream] we're breathing life into the dead in brooklyn. -i don't know if i can do this. -you can. announcer: hunting for ghosts in michigan.
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